Sneak peak: 3D printing metals in the brain

C1 PAGE.inddWe’ve been harping on about our recent Chemical Science paper, which officially was published this week and can be downloaded for free here. Firstly, thanks to our friend Jonas Marnell of Ethix Design in Melbourne for the amazing cover artwork shown here.

Anyway, we’re not done showing off. We’ve been looking into how we can best represent the data we’ve been generating in new and exciting forms more digestible for the non-neuroscientists.

Read more about what we’ve been up to after the jump.

So, part of the Biolite imaging paper was generating three-dimensional models of neuroanatomy in the mouse brain. The obvious place to start is the 3D printing revolution (to see how it is becoming a reality in the clinical world, check out this amazing story from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. We made a few videos (all of which you can access via the paper’s Supplementary Info page. One of which depicted high areas of iron and zinc showing off specific brain regions; the substantia nigra and hippocampus, to be precise:

Well, we started talking to new friends Linus Tan and Josh Russo in the Fabrication Workshop of the newly-minted Melbourne School of Design to turn these videos into something more tangible. Here’s a sneak peak, with hopefully some more exciting info to come in the next few weeks:


Keep an eye out for where this is going next.

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