Around 98% of the human body is made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

This blog is dedicated to the other 2%.

Ferrum (Latin for metal) vita (Latin for life) is run by a group of researchers from Australia who study the roles this 2% play in the body (most of which are metals), and why they are so important to both good health and disease. Of the 28 biologically-relevant elements of the periodic table, most exist in what scientists previously described as ‘trace’ levels, though this almost-dismissive label is being shed as we learn more and more about how our cells harness the unique chemistry of the building blocks of, well, everything.

Ferrumvita blog tracks and profiles the newest research in metallobiology and all the fields of science its associated with, including the work coming from our team. We also retrospectively examine the groundbreaking discoveries that have helped bring us to this new and exciting era of discovery.

Stick around. See what irons we have in the fire.


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